Mitsubishi City Multi

Mitsubishi City Multi:

Whole Building Ductless HVAC Solutions with CityMulti

CITY MULTI is a comprehensive network of Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) technologyFrom the beginning CITY MULTI was designed to be an intelligent, fully-customizable solution for providing comfort conditioning inside a building. CITY MULTI is a comprehensive network of Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) technology products integrated with our advanced CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN).

A CITY MULTI system consists of an outdoor unit with as many as 32 indoor units, of various styles, a BC Controller or manifold and a series of zone or system controllers. The complete system is controlled by our CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN), which ties all systems together and can be interfaced to an existing Building Management System (BMS) via LonWorks® or BACnet® for total building control.

Easy to install

With CITY MULTI, you aren't subject to a long or drawn-out installation process. Williamson's Heating & Cooling is trained on the comprehensive but simple, modular approach incorporates compact indoor and outdoor units, a BC Controller (R2-Series) or manifold (Y-Series), plus zone and central controllers. The beauty of this approach is that you greatly reduce the amount of ductwork needed and instead use refrigerant lines, which are much easier and quicker to run. And with minimal line connections required, this method works perfectly for either new or retrofitapplications. Indoor units are available in various styles including ceiling-concealed, suspended or recessed, wall-mounted, and floor-mounted designs, which allow your engineer or architect to be as flexible as possible and respond to each zone's unique functional or aesthetic application requirements. Outdoor units have a small footprint and are of minimal weight, which means that you can easily mount them on the roof, in an alleyway, on a ledge, or in other creative places.

Each intelligent indoor unit features advanced electronic expansion valve technology, which allows for the precise amount of cooling or heating to be delivered to each zone as defined by each zone's load at any given time: day or night. No wasted cooling or heating. No wasted energy. In a building, not every room will need cooling or heating at the exact same time. CITY MULTI systems understand this fact. The connected capacity of each CITY MULTI R2-Series system can be up to 150% of the capacity of the outdoor unit by taking advantage of load diversity and simultaneous cooling and heating operation. Each CITY MULTI system efficiently distributes the capacity among the indoor units while effectively using energy.

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