Evaporative Coolers

Here is why a residential evaporative coolers are great...

Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler has a low first cost, uses a lot less electricity than conventional air conditioners, and does not use refrigerants, such as chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), that can harm the ozone layer.


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Choosing the right Pro-Series

Choosing the right Pro-Series model is important for proper operation. For maximum performance, choose the model with the proper rating and motor as well as the correct duct configuration. Ask your qualified contractor to help you choose the correct Pro-Series model that best fits your home and your needs.

Down Draft

Down Draft

Side Draft

Side Draft

Model Number Indus. STD Rating Air Delivery CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) Electrical Specifications
0.0” 0.1” 0.2” 0.3” 0.4” 0.5” HP Spd Volts Amps
PD4802/PD4232 4800 3450 3200 3050 2950 2500 2310 3/4 2 115/230 11.9/6.4
PH4802/PH4232 115/230
PD6802/PD6232 6800 4430 4310 4135 3990 3695 3460 1 2 115/230 14.1/7.4
PH6802/PH6232 115/230

Longevity & Low Maintenance

Aerocool Trophy Series

Aerocool Trophy SeriesUtilizing single inlet design, the Trophy Series provides the ultimate protection available for the longevity of your cooler. Fully lined in a tough plastic shield, the all-metal construction of the wet module is protected from the damaging effects of typical deposits found in most water systems. High efficiency evaporative cooling, low maintenance and long life of the Trophy Series makes this cooler your award winner.

Responding to your specific requirements, these units are available in three models: down, side and the up discharge for concealed ground level applications.

Frigiking Coolers

Precision Crafted, Engineered to Last

It’s hard to beat our 4-pad bottom discharge model for maximum cool air at minimum energy cost. Ideal for roof installation, this cooler features a unique full-closing damper to seal the unit and prevent winter heat loss. The versatile side discharge unit is perfect for either roof or thru-the-wall installations. Our wide angle pad lancing provides maximum air intake for maximum efficiency. It includes factory 115V pump, float and bleed-off, and an L.A. Listed quick disconnect. You have a choice of a 1- or 2-speed motor.

Frigiking Residential Evaporative Cooler Series

Frigiking Side Draft

Reliable Performance – Minimum Maintenance
All Stages of our manufacturing emphasize quality and efficiency and every Frigiking Air Cooler is built to the most exacting standards. The cabinet design with a deep drawn bottom pan is constructed with hot dipped galvanized steel and coated with an attractive appliance type finish. Every component is engineered for reliable performance, so your cooler will last through the years of cooling comfort with a minimum of maintenance. In short, the Frigiking cooler is your best choice for years of comfort and economical trouble-free operation.

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